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The key metric for HR departments is employee satisfaction; this can be truly achieved only when HR team members act as a trusted advisors. To reach this level, it is imperative that the transactional pressure is removed and they be allowed to focus on strategic initiatives.

HR teams and accounting departments are deluged with repetitive queries that take up valuable time and effort to resolve. Further, response time is the only barometer used by employees to assess the efficiencies of the respective departments.

Automating and outsourcing payroll management will make a significant difference to the operating efficiencies of the HR function. Outsourcing your payroll management to Shriram Value, a specialist in this area, ensures that the complete process is handled efficiently and provides phenomenal strategic thinking space for your HR and Finance functions.

Our services in this area include:

  • Setting up a payroll management system customized to your needs
  • Management of all routine transactions including salary disbursement, user interface and tax management
  • Resolving of user queries through an automated process including the setting up of query tickets
  • Providing regular reports to the HR/Accounting department on key parameters


Enterprise Human Capital Management System (eHCMS) is an integrated human resource management solution which meets people management needs of organisations of all sizes across all industries. It is easy to implement, provide end- to end solution scalable. We combine technology with sound business processes to create a single source for HR, self-service, payroll, benefits and talent management functions. From recruitment to retirement, create a stable, automated state of operations so the HR team can shift from processing transactions to pursuing strategic workforce initiatives.

Key Modules of the Solution:

e Payroll / e HRIS / e Leave / e Portal / e Recruiter / e Assess / e Training / e Appraisal / e Reimburse / e Survey / Report builder and Complies with statutory processes like labour, tax laws

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